About Us

Welcome to BC Bulk Foods,

BCBF directly connects consumers to sustainable suppliers and manufacturers in order to remove excessive middlemen fees (shipping, packaging, handling, storing) which results in lower costs, freshness of ingredients and transparency of origins and quality.

Benefits of a direct community food supply:
✓ Confidence in quality & freshness of premium ingredients due to direct shipment from supplier
✓ Save resources by purchasing bulk, skipping middlemen and extra packaging fees
✓ Aligning with a sustainable future by shifting our methods of consumption
✓ Developing independence within a secure community food supply
✓ Advancing the success of community by building a stronger network.

We are currently serving the Okanagan, Vancouver Island, Salt Spring Island and the Lower Mainland. 

To view the food products list, add your email below. You will receive an automatic reply with oder instructions and a link to download/open the foods list. 

Ordering from BCBF is easy!